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Dino Dig Juggling Reverse Bike 

TheDinoDig is a totally unique, one of a kind, MOBILE DINOSAUR DIG AND  DINO PLAY YARD ATTRACTION! TOTALLY SELF CONTAINED FOSSIL IN OUR TRAILER!!!  This event will set your event apart as there is nothing else like this around!  We have several Dinosaurs, some climbing on top of our dig site, as well as nearly 30 feet of dig stations that WE BRING TO YOU!  Our enclosed trailer can setup just about anywhere and can accomodate up to 20 kids at once! TheDinoDig lets ALL kids be paleonologists!  Kids dig searching for many fossils and uncover many artifacts!  Each kid will receive a full color brochure to label each and every fossil they find. Kids then go into the Dinosaur 'YARD' to play on the Dino Statues which include "BORIS" our 7 foot tall Brontosaurus and "FLOWER" our 8 foot long Dinosaur that kids just adore.  We also have several baby dinos that kids can get their photos taken with!  In addition to all of this, the kids will each get to keep 3 different fossils that they uncover and take them home!  We are available for state fairs, regional fairs, county fairs, festivals, kids parties and events of all kinds. 
ABOUT OUR TRAILER:   Our trailer is professionally wrapped and attracts attention EVERYWHERE!  It opens up nicely with good air-flow throughout the day.  We have 2 large fans that constantly run.  We have a complete sound system that plays throughout the day with Dinosaur music and Dinosaur sounds.  Our trailer is extended height with door heights at 6 ft 6in and 7 ft high inside area.  We have 2 ramp doors so strollers and wheelchairs are not a problem.  We provide a fenced area for the Dinos in the 'yard' and all of our Dinos are strong enough for as many kids that can fit on them.  We searched the country for the BEST Dino statues available.  Space needed for the whole attraction is roughly 25 ft X 25 ft.  One 110 electrical outlet is needed as well.  It can be setup in grass or concrete.  We do NOT bring piles of dirt or anything like that.  The COMPLETE fossil dig itself is inside the trailer  - READY AND SET TO GO!!!!!
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