ABOUT OUR TRAILER:   Our trailer is professionally wrapped and attracts attention EVERYWHERE!  It opens up nicely with good air-flow throughout the day.  We have 2 large fans that constantly run.  We have a complete sound system that plays throughout the day with Dinosaur music and Dinosaur sounds.  Our trailer is extended height with door heights at 6 ft 6in and 7 ft high inside area.  We have 2 ramp doors so strollers and wheelchairs are not a problem.  Parents are always encouraged to join inside.  Trailer has room for plenty of kids and their parents at once.  We provide a fenced area for the Dinos in the 'yard' and all of our Dinos are strong enough for as many kids that can fit on them.  We searched the country for the BEST Dinosaur statues available for our attraction.  Space needed for the whole attraction at the event is roughly 25 ft X 25 ft.  One 110 electrical outlet is needed as well.  It can be setup in grass or concrete.  We do NOT bring piles of dirt or anything like that.  The COMPLETE fossil dig is inside the trailer  - READY AND SET TO GO!!!!!       CALL US @ 321-689-9790 TO BOOK THIS ATTRACTION!
Set your event apart with this truly one of a kind attraction that kids & parents love. We bring the attraction trailer, open it up and its READY TO GO!  No large piles of dirt and no mess to worry about.  We use pebbles which is much cleaner and easier.  We give each and every kid all the tools needed for their dig. We even have one dig station lower for the 1 to 3 year olds. Teens and Adults love this just as much!  The kids will dig for real fossils as we have many different fossils to dig for. Some of these include many varieties of prehistoric Shark Teeth, kids may even find teeth from a Mosasaurus, like from the movie Jurassic World, Ammonites, Arrow heads, Brachiopods, Sea Urchins, actual Dinosaur Bones, minerals both rough and polished and more! We also have approx. 20 large man-made artifacts hard mounted and buried throughout the dig stations that the kids can “discover” and they are always amazed when they find each of these. Some of these include the Stegosaurus Tail Spike, Velociraptor Skull, Dinosaur Egg, T-Rex Teeth, Spinosaurus Foot Claw and the list goes on! Each kid will take home some of their favorite fossils that they find! We place their favorite fossils in a small zip lock bag for them. We also have an assortment of Dinosaur statues in our “DINO PLAY YARD” including at least 10 smaller baby Dino’s each approx. 2 to 3 foot in size and our super friendly, 8 foot long Brontosaurus where multiple kids can sit on at the same time for photos.  We encourage all kids to sit on any of them and get their photos taken by their parents. We always encourage parents and family to join the kids.